Sounds better

Power Bands are used to secure the wall to the tube without using soldering methods. Did you know that the high heat required for soldering softens the tube? In comparison, these Power Bands allow the tube to remain very hard while effectively improving the resonance and the spectrum of sound that is produced.


Our Power Bands also apply pressure to the tube around the embouchure allowing for cleaner tonguing and jumping of octaves.

Sounds new

Extremely innovative methods of fabrication are employed in order to utilize metals that have never before been used in headjoint design. Tantalum and niobium are both pure metals that are extremely hard and dense which positively affects both the high frequency and low frequency overtones or the color and spectrum of the sound produced.

Sounds strong

All Geoghegan Headjoint models contain a weighted crown and a weighted assembly with a rubber stopper. Cork is not used at all in the assembly. The rubber stopper will not deteriorate over time and requires little to no maintenance. The extra weight in the assembly and crown creates a hard dense surface that reflects all of the sound back out the open end of the flute, greatly reducing absorption or loss of sound in the crown.

Sounds right

The taper is designed using very specific and finite dimensions that are crucial to the harmonics of the scale and intonation of the flute.  The same taper is used on all models of Geoghegan Headjoints.

Sounds precise

The embouchure cut on all Geoghegan Headjoints is the same, and in line with the style of a free-blowing cut. All risers are produced and cut the same in order to minimize variations between headjoints of the same model and all models of Geoghegan Headjoints produced.

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