Sterling Silver & 14 Karat Rose Gold Headjoint

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Made to enhance the warm tone of a classic sterling silver flute but also provides more core and depth of sound.

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Is well-balanced throughout the octaves in intonation and sound production. Vibrates better. It is a headjoint that will perform better in sound, color, and ease; but especially in the aspect of intonation.

The feel and performance are the same for every professional Geoghegan Headjoint but there is more depth to the sound that is produced than with the sterling silver model due to the addition of the solid 14 karat gold wall and Power Bands. The tube is made of sterling silver, with a sterling silver lip plate and crown. The wall and Power Bands are made of 14 karat rose gold.

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Weight 4.8 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 9 in

2 reviews for Sterling Silver & 14 Karat Rose Gold Headjoint

  1. dfrancis5887

    All of Geoghegan’s headjoints that I have tried respond incredibly well. This model provides a fantastic tonal palette to work with at a great price point! Since making the switch, it has become easier to articulate fast passages and my tone has a sweetness it was missing before. I also have a larger usable dynamic range on both forte and piano ends of the spectrum.

  2. Gregory Zobac

    This is a long review for those who want more detail. If you just want the summary, see the last paragraph.


    I am a woodwind doubler (primarily single reeds) who occasionally needs to double on flute for musical shows. (I studied single reeds with teachers from the Chicago Symphony and Chicago Lyric Opera, have a music degree from U. of Illinois, and play at a competent level on those instruments.) On flute I needed a more responsive headjoint that would speak easily when switching on the fly from reed parts because with my stock step-up level flute headjoint I had trouble quickly “finding my sound.”

    I have a bit of a physics background and have had a good deal of success adding strategically placed mass to the bodies of my saxophones and soprano and bass clarinets to enhance their response and tone quality. When I read Michael’s description of his “brass weighted” crown and stopper approach to headjoint physical design, I was intrigued. After a very informative and friendly phone discussion with him I placed an order.

    My first Geogheagan headjoint was an Elan for a Gemeinhardt 33SB, which was improved significantly in all facets. As a result, I ordered a Sterling Silver + 14k Rose Gold Riser Headjoint to further enhance my experience. When it arrived, once again I was not disappointed! The response was very comparable to the Elan – but the depth, resonance, and overall tone quality was even further enhanced.

    Because I wanted to be sure that I wasn’t simply experiencing “new equipment infatuation,” I’ve waited to post this review. My first performance with the new setup came on the REED 3 (Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, & Flute) book of the musical, “Beauty and the Beast,” and I was more than satisfied with how the headjoint responded in a performance situation. My flute playing colleague on the flute/piccolo book even complemented my tone quality!

    After some months now of almost daily flute playing, my satisfaction and delight with my Geogheagan headjoint has only increased, along with my playing facility. Inspired by my Geogheagan headjoint experience, I decided to invest in a new flute with a Sterling silver headjoint and body made by a man who once made flutes for two legendary Boston flute companies to pair with my new headjoint. Once again, the Geogheagan headjoint improved this instrument over its admittedly quite good, hand-cut, headjoint.


    Every instrument I’ve paired with a Geogheagan headjoint plays significantly better. Both Michael and his wife, Kristen, are a delight to do business with – pleasant, competent, and timely. Whether you are a serious player, a music educator with flute students, or an avocational player looking to enhance your enjoyment of flute playing, you really need to give one of these headjoints a try. You won’t be disapppointed!

    (I was not compensated in any way for this review – all of these comments are from my heart!)

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