Tantalum Headjoint

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Made to enhance the color, intonation, articulation, and dynamics of flutes made
of traditional metals like silver and gold.

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Geoghegan Company has patented a method of assembly that makes the use of metals like tantalum possible in headjoint production. Tantalum, because of its high density and hardness, offers the flutist many more tone colors and a greater variance in volume. Transform your flute!

The Tantalum is “The Best” for those that want the loudest and the softest of all the Geoghegan headjoints. The Tantalum produces both a sweet and pure, quiet sound in all registers and projects an enormous sound when needed. The range of dynamics and tone colors is limitless and greatly exaggerated with this headjoint allowing the player to be as expressive as possible. It is unlike any other headjoint that you’ve ever played. The tube is made of tantalum. The lip plate, wall, crown, and Power Bands are made of solid sterling silver.

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Weight 4.5 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 9 in

1 review for Tantalum Headjoint

  1. Jenifer Swanson

    This headjoint is amazing! I have it on my sterling silver Azumi and it makes the high notes truly pop and sparkle while the low notes are robust and brilliant.

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