How does your headjoint lease program work?

Our lease program is a flexible lease-to-own headjoint program with 0% interest, free shipping, a one month free trial, and the option to cancel and return the headjoint at any time to stop your automatically recurring monthly payments.  If you love the headjoint you have leased, and have been paying for it for 30 consecutive months of automatically recurring payments, you will automatically own the leased headjoint at the end of the term after paying the 30th recurring payment.

By signing up for our lease-to-own program, you are agreeing to automatically be charged the specified monthly recurring headjoint payment shown at checkout if you keep the headjoint past the 30 day trial period and don’t cancel your lease program before your 30 day trial period ends.  You will be required to create a password for our website so that you can login at any time to cancel your lease program.  It is not until you cancel your lease program that you will stop being charged the automatic recurring monthly payments. When you cancel your lease program, we will coordinate with you for the free return of the leased headjoint and must receive the headjoint back within 10 days after you receive your free return shipping label in order to avoid any more automatically recurring payments.

You are responsible for any charges related to repairs that are required after your headjoint is returned back to us, and it is in your best interest to insure the headjoint for the full retail value while it is in your possession to cover costs for any loss or damage while the headjoint is in your possession.  We will automatically send an appraisal letter with your leased headjoint for purchasing insurance coverage on the leased headjoint while it is in your possession.

*The lease program is not available for any 14K gold headjoints or other custom built headjoints.

*The lease program is not available to any individuals with a billing address outside of the United States of America or any individual living outside of the United States of America and a leased headjoint cannot be shipped to any address outside of the United States of America.



What are your trial & return policies?

We allow a trial of two weeks effective from your date of receipt once a Geoghegan Headjoint is purchased directly from us.  If your headjoint is returned to us within two weeks of purchase, in the condition in which it was received, you will be refunded the full value of the Geoghegan Headjoint (and any applicable sales tax).  Any applicable shipping charges and, or VAT (for international orders) will not be refunded following your return.

When you return a Geoghegan Headjoint, it is advisable that you utilize a tracking service and delivery confirmation for the shipment to guarantee receipt of your delivery to us.  If we do not receive the item for the return, we will not be able to refund your purchase.  If there is any damage to the item when it is received by us, we will reduce your refund by the value of the repairs necessary to fix the item to it’s new condition.  For this purpose, you may decide to insure the item.

Any Geoghegan Headjoint that is not purchased directly from us, may not be returned to us for a refund.  If you have questions about a Geoghegan Headjoint purchased through one of our dealers, please contact us with your inquiries.


Can you send a pricelist of your headjoints?

We would be happy to send you a catalog of our headjoints with a retail price list.  If you are a dealer, please contact us about special dealer rates.


Can we try out your headjoints in Europe?

We are happy to ship headjoints that are purchased from us to Europe, but customers will be responsible for shipping and any duty or VAT (value added tax) that might be added after delivery of the product into their country.   If a headjoint is returned to us after the designated two week trial, we will not be able to refund shipping, duty or VAT charges associated with our customer’s international purchase.



How do I fit a Geoghegan Headjoint to my flute?

In order to fit a Geoghegan Headjoint to you flute, you can cut and apply copper foil tape to the tenon of your headjoint so that it fits snugly inside the barrel of your flute.  We include little fit packs with the tape and instructions so that you can apply it yourself for trial or after purchase.  Copper foil tape is used to pressure fit Geoghegan Headjoints in the tenon of any flute.  Since the metal foil adheres to the surface of the headjoint, there is no vibration or air leaks as a result of using this fitting method.  The foil is an adequate method of fitting the headjoint to the flute for a significant length of time but we do recommend that the headjoint eventually be properly sized to the barrel of the flute.

Permanent mechanical fitting methods used by your favorite flute repairman can only be used for the 14 Karat Gold and Sterling silver models. Traditional headjoint fitting methods cannot be used on Tantalum or Niobium headjoints.  No heat should ever be applied to any Geoghegan Headjoint model.  Please consult us with any questions.


Do your crown assemblies require regular maintenance?

Because the crown assemblies are made with rubber and not cork, they do not require regular maintenance.  They should endure the life span of your headjoint.  Please check the product page for very specific maintenance notes related to Geoghegan Headjoint crown assemblies.



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