Lease to Own Program

Don’t wait to unleash your potential…

Our headjoint will make your flute perform with greater ease and will enhance your playing. We offer a flexible, affordable way for you to experience the superior quality of a Geoghegan headjoint so you can begin playing your best, now.

Our lease-to-own program offers the ultimate in flexibility

  • The first month is a trial, there is no money down and no charge for the first month you lease your Geoghegan Headjoint.

  • Love the headjoint? Great! Hang-on to it and you will automatically own the headjoint after 30 monthly payments with 0% interest.

  • Want more flexibility? Play on one of our headjoints continuously for as many months as you desire. A couple months, a semester or a year might be all that you need it for.

  • Cancel at any time and return the headjoint to us to stop your automatic monthly payments.

*leasing program is available for all models except gold.
*leasing program is currently not available for individuals outside of the United States.

Lease a Headjoint today!

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